Adriano Oliveira, is appointed PTO-Profibus Latin America Director

The PTO's main role is to show industrial automation developers and users the beneficial results of using fieldbus - in particular PROFIBUS and PROFINET – globally in discrete manufacturing and process automation applications. PTO assists device vendors and OEMs in the design, development and marketing of PROFIBUS and PROFINET fieldbus products. PTO also helps end users to understand and make optimum use of PROFIBUS and PROFINET across the enterprise.

PTO-PROFIBUS Latin America will follow the same success footsteps as its North America operations, and in doing so, has appointed SMAR associate Adriano Oliveira ( Communication and IT PTO Director ).

BIO: Oliveira holds MBA in Marketing Strategies from Fudacao Getulio Vargas, is a Senior SMAR web-comm and digital marketing coordinator, he’s also Information Tech- Advisor for FIESP/CIESP– NW Session (Sertaozinho).

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