22 - Do MMI offer the features of DCS?

Many control software packages for PC today have all the bells and whistles of a DCS and are available for secure and stable operating systems.

  • "Front panel" like overviews;
  • Animated "Mimic" graphics;
  • Alarm summaries;
  • Real time trend;
  • Historical trend;
  • Batch recipe management;
  • OBDC (Open Database Connectivity) database with SQL (Structured Query Language);
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control);
  • Reports;
  • Calculation;
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems);
  • Trouble Shooting systems;
  • Device servicing information;
  • Documentation;

Measured and calculated variables, as well as configuration may of course be exchanged with a supervisory system. All data may end up in a PC.

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