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Oil & Gas

Re-evaluating the Powerful Role of Field Instrumentation

The Oil and Gas sector is one of the most competitive in the global economy and relies on SMAR as an important supplier of equipment and services in major oil producing regions.  Emphasis is currently on the Middle East as the world’s major petroleum and natural gas producer and exporter. To successfully penetrate this market, SMAR was required to comply with strict international oil industry standards concerning flow and level storage measurement.




Since its foundation in 1974, SMAR has maintained a close relationship with the many sugar and alcohol production facilities been supportive and ongoing development solutions to address this market.  Initially established as a steam turbine service provider, SMAR gained a powerful presence in the history of Brazil’s most prominent production activity. The company’s pioneering role in the agro-industrial business gave considerable insight to the need for innovative and leading edge technology to support the Brazilian industry.  SMAR became the first company in the country to completely automate a sugar mill thus ensuring precision throughout the demanding production process.

Sugar Video (english version)

Sugar Video (spanish version)

El Libro de Referencias para el azúcar y el alcohol (español)
The Sugar & Alcohol Reference Book (english)
Your sugar and ethanol diserve SMAR solutions (english)
Su azúcar y alcohol merecen SMAR (español)
Ethanol Industry Solutions (english)
Sugar Application Notes 1 (español)
Sugar Application Notes 2 (español)
SMAR Guided Wave Level Transmitter - Application in Plants and Distilleries (english)
SMAR Guided Wave Level Transmitter - Evaporators (english)




Unsurpassed Leader In Ethanol Production

Currently, more than 90% of the local sugar ethanol mills and distilleries in Brazil utilize SMAR automation.  In addition, significant growth has been achieved through automation applications in the U.S., India, Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, and in the South and Central American ethanol market.

Ethanol Video (english version)

Ethanol Video (spanish version)

Ethanol Industry Solutions (english)
SYSTEM302-7 and PROFIBUS: Proven Success in Biofuel / Bioenergy Production
Control del Proceso de Fermentación Utilizando el DT301 - Touché (español)



Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Meeting the needs of major national and international clients in this market has been a focus as SMAR provides equipment, systems, solutions and commodities to the chemical and petrochemical industry.  With its vast experience in system configuration, instrument installation, start up and commissioning, the partnership with this industry has been significant.






Pulp & Paper

SMAR produces a wide range of applications utilized in the pulp and paper industry and has developed devices and systems with the most advanced technologies for a premium cost to benefit ratio. With a line of products specifically designed for this sector, SMAR is one of the most prominent companies in the area today.  The company has an active role in the supply of equipment and control systems for industrial automation processes, application engineering services, complete new product and solutions development, integrated systems development engineering, field technical assistance, product revision and training.


DTSeries - Pulp & Paper Application Notes (english)
Pulp Application Notes (english)
SMAR Pulp & Paper Folder (english)
SMAR Guided Wave Level Transmitter - Application in cellulose pulp
Schweitzer Mauduit - RJ (english)




With widely accepted applications for the Steel and Mining sectors, SMAR has a team with vast field experience, particularly with systems that offer complete solutions for the several subdivisions of this industrial arena.  SMAR has supplied highly developed and market proven technologies, such as Foundation Fieldbus, High Speed Ethernet, Device Net, ASI, Profibus and HART for the mining industry.







Food & Beverage

For more than 30 years in the business, SMAR has offered solutions, equipment and control and supervisory systems to the food & beverage industry.  Equipment supply encompasses applications for pressure, temperature, flow, density and level measurement, and provides support to both existing and newly introduced technologies.  SMAR product and systems are installed in applications in numerous important companies worldwide.



Brewings Application Notes (english)
Cervecería Application Notes (español)
SMAR Guided Wave Level Transmitter - Application at Cargill - Uberlândia - MG (english)



Water and Wastewater

With a strong presence in the Water & Sewage sector, SMAR offers complete solutions for the automation of water and sewage treatment stations.  The company provides its expertise in industrial effluent treatment through the development, application and utilization of remote control and supervision based on the latest in wireless technology.




SMAR Guided Wave Level Transmitter - Application in the Riviera de São Lourenço
Bertioga - SP (english)
Application in the Sadia S.A – Uberlândia - MG (english)