Awards / Recognition


Smar has received several awards and recognitions for the outstanding results in the development of the fieldbus technology.


2011: SMAR was granted the LEVEL 1 SUPPLIER AWARD by Deten Quimica. The company holds an yearly event to reward suppliers and collaborators.


2010: CanaSauro Award granted to SMAR Director Eduardo Munhoz, for his longer-than-30-year dedication to the sugar/ethanol sector.


2008: CanaSauro Award granted to SMAR vice-president and founder Mauro Sponchiado, as recognition for professionals who have dedicated their lives to the sugar/ethanol sector for more than 30 years.


2008: Best stand at Fenasucro & Agrocana shows.


2008: Best stand at SIMTEC - the Sugar/Ethanol International Symposium and Technology Show.


2007: Best stand at Fersucro show


2007: Citizen Entity Company award granted by school E. E. Dr. Isaias José Ferreira - Cruz das Posses - Sertãozinho, SP


2006: MasterCana Fenasucro Award


2006: Best Fersucro stand



2003: Smar is the recipient of the FINEP Award 6th edition, on the Large Company category. Granted by the Agency for Studies and Projects Funding, a public entity, it is the principal distinction in the technological field in Brazil. The award was presented by Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on November 1 to Smar’s Director of Development Libanio de Souza, in a Presidential Palace cerimony attended also by the Minister of Science and Technology, Roberto Amaral.


2002:FINEP Award for Technological Innovation
Brazil Southeast Region.


Control Engineering Magazine
First registered device.


Multiple Input/Output (MIO) Team Leader on the High Speed Ethernet Development Program - Mr. Sérgio Hideki Tateishi.
To the success of the High Speed Ethernet Development Program - Smar Linking Device Development Team.


Master Cana Award - Automation Company
MASTER FIVE AWARD - 5 Best Sugar Companies.


2001: Master Cana Award - Sugar Plant Automation


Density Transmitter
DT301 Density Transmitter Control Engineering Editor’s Choice.


2001: Industrial Solutions Top Supplier Award.


2000: "Data Link Bridge" Group member, ’High Speed Ethernet Development Program. Eng. Libanio Carlos de Souza.


Mr. Berge receiving his Award
Excellence in Documentation Award - "Addressing Benefits and FAQ's of Fieldbus Based FCS Architecture" by Jonas Berge.


FY302 Fieldbus Valve Positioner - Product Recognition Award from Control Engineering magazine.


Excellence in Documentation Award - "Three Views of Fieldbus in Water and Wastewater Applications" by Libânio Carlos de Souza,
Edward W. Baltutis, Mark T. Hood, and Joseph Signorelli.


Specification Team Leader for the Fieldbus Foundation - Mr. Libânio Carlos de Souza.
Pressure Profile Team Leader for the Fieldbus Foundation - Mr. Eugênio F. da Silva Neto.


Recognition for the significant time and resources devoted to bringing the advantages of ISA Membership to measurement and control professionals throughout South America and for the donation of Fieldbus instrumentation for use in ISA training programs, to Smar and its Management, on December.


LD302 Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter - Product Recognition Award from Control Engineering magazine.


1992: Company achieves certification