Pulp and Paper Industry Overview

For the past two decades, Smar has been increasingly active in the Pulp and Paper sector with over 25,000 instruments sold and installed.  Our sales in this segment are growing at roughly 35% per year.

Today’s Smar portfolio is both diverse and technically advanced -- accommodating the growing needs of the pulp and paper industry.  We have installed systems implementing the industry standards 4-20mA, Hart, Fieldbus Foundation and Profibus operating successfully within this segment.

The Smar product line includes state-of-the-art transmitters (for various applications), as well as specific positioners, such as the density gauge and transmitter, for head box control.

With our professional engineers’ extensive experience in this industry, we can assure the user when it comes to addressing specific process problems or providing application support.

Smar solutions are cost effective and designed to fit all kinds of operating budgets.

Try Smar now for your Pulp and Paper needs and experience proven results.

Contact Telephone No. +55 (16) 3946-3519 – Request Pulp and Paper Sector.

Smar has a significant presence worldwide and is operating in more than 70 countries with qualified subsidiaries and representatives.  To find your nearest representative, see the Contact Us page of the website.




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