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DC303 Profibus-PA Remote I/O

The  DC303  Profibus-PA Remote I/O makes the integration of Profibus and conventional I/O easy. It is a single integrated easy to use piece of equipment including power, control, networking and I/O under one compact device requiring less panel space than other solutions. The DC303 is an integral part of SYSTEM302 but also integrates into other systems supporting Profibus.




Some Characteristics:

Signal (Communication)
Digital only. Profibus-PA, 31.25 Kbits/s voltage mode, in compliance with IEC 61158-2.
Power Supplies
If there are requirements for power supply isolation between inputs and outputs, it is
recommended to use at least two power supplies, one for inputs and another one for
outputs and Vdc.
If the application does not require isolation between inputs and outputs, only one power
supply could be used for inputs, outputs and Vdc. Inputs and outputs are optically isolated
from each other.
Current Consumption Quiescent
150 mA from Vdc power supply.
Turn-on Time Approximately 10 seconds.
Update Time Approximately 60 ms. The update time is related to the update of the inputs and outputs.
Output Impedance Non-intrinsic safety from 7.8 kHz - 39 kHz should be greater or equal to 3 kΩ. Intrinsic
safety output impedance (assuming an IS barrier in the power supply) from 7.8 kHz - 39
kHz should be greater or equal to 400 Ω.
Function Blocks
Up to 16 Discrete Input Function Blocks (DIs) and up to 8 Discrete Output Function
Blocks (DOs).
The DC303 has a Built-in Flexible Function Block (FFB) for logic execution such as: AND,
OR, XOR and NOT. Functions as: Timer On-Delay, Timer Off-Delay, Timer Pulse, Pulse
Counter Down (CTD), Pulse Counter Up (CTU), Flip-Flop RS and Flip-Flop SR.
Vibration Effect Meets SAMA PMC 31.1.
Temperature Limits
Operation: -40 to 85ºC (-40 to 185 ºF);
Storage: -40 to 110ºC (-40 to 230 ºF).
Protection: it has IP20 rating (finger protected) and meets VBG4 and other European accident prevention requirements.
Via Profibus Communication using tools based on EDDL or FDT/TM.
Using DIN rail (TS35-DIN EN 50022 or TS32-DIN EN50035 or TS15-DIN EN50045.




The input module senses the DC input voltage and converts it into a True (ON) or False (OFF) logic signal. It has 1 optically isolated group of 16 inputs to detect 24 Vdc.

In case of failure of input power supply there will be indication in the cyclic diagnose bytes.


Technical specifications

Number of Inputs is 16.
Isolation, groups are individually isolated
Optical Isolation up to 5000 Vac.
External Power
Voltage Source for Inputs 18 - 30 Vdc.
Typical Consumption per group (all inputs ON)
120 mA.
Power Indicator
Green LED.
ON State Level (True Logic) 15 - 30 Vdc.
OFF State Level (False Logic) 0 - 5 Vdc.
Typical Impedance 3.9 kΩ
Status display Red LED.
Switching Information Time from “0” to “1”: 30 μs.
Time from “1” to “0”: 50 μs.
Wire Wire One wire 14 AWG (2 mm²).
Two wires 20 AWG (0.5 mm²).



Description – Outputs

The outputs are designed with open collector NPN transistors that are able to drive relays, solenoids and other DC loads with up to 0.5 A per output. All channels within a group share the same ground whereas groups are isolated from each other and the Fieldbus network.

In case of failure of output power supply there will be indication in the cyclic diagnose bytes.

Technical specifications

Number of Outputs 8.
Optical Isolation up to: 5000 Vac.
External Power
Voltage Source for Outputs 20 to 30 Vdc.
Maximum Consumption
35 mA.
Power Indicator
Green LED.
Maximum Switched Voltage 30 Vdc.
Maximum Saturation Voltage 0.55 V @ 0.5 A.
Maximum Current per Output 0.5 A.
Status Display Yellow LED.
Indicator Logic ON when the transistor is on.
Maximum Leakage Current 100 μA @ 35 Vdc.
Output Status During:
Firmware Download
Configuration Download
Independent Protection per Output Thermal Shutdown 165 oC.
Thermal Hysteresis 15 oC.
Over-Current Protection 1.3 A @ 25 Vdc maximum.
Wire One wire 14 AWG (2 mm2).
Two wires 20 AWG (0.5 mm2).



Library Lists:

- DD Profibus
- GSD Files Support
- DTM Profibus
- LD303DTM version 2.023
- FY303DTM version 2.03
- TT303DTM version 2.03
- IF303DTM version 2.03
- DT303DTM version 2.04
- FI303DTM version 2.02
- FP303DTM version 2.01
- TP303DTM version 2.01
- TT423DTM version 2.00
- LD293DTM version 1.01
- DF73DTM version 1.01

For download DD, DTM and GSD files of SMAR products, click here.



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