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FP300 Series

Signal Pneumatic Converter


The FP300 Series converts a digital signal in pressure signal. The converters are used on a FOUNDATION™ fieldbus - FP302, or PROFIBUS-PA - FP303 - systems providing a pneumatic output according to digital commands coming from the network, for example, pressurizing a pneumatic actuator or a valve positioner.

  • The FP300 is based on the baffle- nozzle principle. When requiring the output  pressure to increase or decrease, the baffle, piezoelectric material, moves closer or apart from the nozzle.
  • The baffle movement produces a pressure modulation on the pneumatic relay, changing the output pressure of FP300. Pressure sensors measure the output pressure and feedback the control circuit to correct the baffle position, if necessary.
  • The FP300 is powered by the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA bus.
  • The FP300 has a non volatile memory, in case of communication failure, in which important data are saved such as calibration, configuration parameters, device identification etc.
  • FP300 allows local adjustments and basic configuration through two magnetic switches, with no external contact and no need to open the electronic housing.
  • Additionally, for full configuration, the FP300 Series allows remote connection with software applications according to FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS-PA standards.


Main Characteristics:


The FP300 Series technology allows an easy interface between the field and the control room, including data transfers, reducing the installation, startup, and maintenance operations costs of industrial processes. The Function Blocks concept makes easier the user programming, which can build up and visually check complex control strategies.

The Functions Blocks are flexible enough to allow logical block combinations and recombination with no need of field wiring changes or any hardware revision. The FP300 Series is presented for 3 to 15psi or 3 to 30 psi output ranges.

For full configuration, the FP300 Series allows remote connection with software applications according to FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS-PA standards. Smar offers software applications for both communication protocols, where pneumatic actuators are used or even in old plants migrating from pneumatic to digital technologies. The FP300 Series is designed for IP66 weather proof installations, explosion proof and intrinsically safe for hazardous areas.

  • Suitable for both FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS-PA protocols;
  • 3 to 15 psi (0.2-1.0 kg/cm²) or 3 to 30 psi (0.2-2.1 kg/cm²) output;
  • Field calibration for 3 to 15 psi or 3 to 30 psi;
  • Local basic configuration;
  • Write protection function;
  • Alphanumerical LCD indication;
  • Remote calibration and parameterization;
  • Output flow capacity: 6.7 Nm³/h (4 scfm);
  • Accuracy: 0.4 % of span;
  • Bus powered 9-32 Vcc;
  • Quiescente current consumption of 12 mA.


FP302 - FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus

  • 9 different types of function blocks for control strategies and advanced diagnostics;
  • It allows control strategies changes without any change on the wiring or firmware ;
  • Full configuration via Personal Computer in combination with compatible FOUNDATION fieldbus application software;
  • Local basic configuration via magnetic tool or handheld configurator;
  • 12 mA consumption;
  • Dynamic block instantiation improves interchangeability;
  • DD compatible with FOUNDATION fieldbus ITK.



  • According to the PROFIBUS DP-V1;
  • Function Blocks for analog output, transducer and displays among others;
  • Configuration via:
    • Magnetic tool - basic configuration;
    • Remote full configuration using Smar ProfibusView or Simatic PDM;
  • Functional Block;
  • 12 mA consumption;
  • Suports DTM and EDDL.


Parameterization and Diagnostics:


For a full configuration FP300 Series, it is necessary to use configuration application software by Smar or from a third party applications and configurators.

Additionally, Smar offers the AssetView application software, a web tool, friendly user interface, available from any internet navigator, at any time, including the FDT/DTM feature, without additional cost. The AssetView is a management software not only dedicated for corrective, preventive and pro-active maintenance tasks, but also provides an easy way to configure field devices.




FP302 utilizes the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 protocol, an open technology that allows any H1 enabled configuration tool to configure this device. Syscon302 (System Configuration Tool) is a software tool recommended to configure, maintain and operate the field devices.  The FP302 is interoperable with applications of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus standard.
Syscon offers efficient and friendly interaction with the user, using Windows NT version 4.0 or later, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Configuration tools such as AMSTM, FieldCare™ and HHT375 can configure FP302 devices. DD (Device Description) and CF (Capability File) files can be downloaded at either the Smar or Fieldbus FOUNDATION™ website, without cost.
FP302 supports complex strategies configurations due to the high capacity and variety of dynamic instantiable function blocks. Nine different types of function blocks are supported. Maintenance procedures with AssetView diagnostics and status information from FP302 result in a safer plant with higher availability.




FP303 (PROFIBUS PA protocol) can be configured using Smar ProfibusView or Simatic PDM and by the FDT (Field Device Tool) and DTM (Device Type Manager) concept tools, such as FieldCareTM and PACTwareTM. It can also be integrated by any PROFIBUS System using the GSD file.
PROFIBUS PA also has quality and diagnostic information, improving plant management and maintenance.

EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language), GSD files, and DTM are freely downloaded from www.smar.com.


Dimensional Drawing

 FP300 - Desenho Dimensional

FP300 - Dimensional Drawing

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