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HART Configurator



Turns the included Palm into a fast configuration and diagnostic platform for HART® instruments

  • Provides full support for HART® instruments based upon the manufacturers device description files (DDL)
  • New device files can be downloaded and added from the Smar Research website
  • Faster and easier to use than other hand held alternatives
  • Support Multidrop operation for all 15 nodes allowed by the HART®protocol
  • Preinstalled software allows easy out-of-the-box operation
  • Software upgradeable for future enhancements


The HPC401 package includes:

  • Palm TX Handheld*
  • HPI311-T5 Palm hardware interface
  • HPC401 DDL based HART® configuration software for the Palm OS
  • HPC Suite of applications
  • Palm USB cable, charger and all supporting documentation and CD's


The HPC401 Suite of software includes the following applications:

  • HPC401: DDL based HART® communication software that allows the configuration and monitoring of any HART® device
  • HPCGraph: Graphing application that allows device variables to be trended over time in an easy to view graphical format
  • HPCLogger: Data logging application that allows logging of device variables over time for exporting to a PC
  • HPC301: The original HART® configuration software. Included as an alternative to using DDL based menus and parameters



Supported Devices

Most HART® devices with a registered device description file (DDL)
*The Palm model subject to change without prior notice


Library Lists:

- DD HART (275/375 Programming) - For more details about DDs in 275/375 Programming, contact Hart Foundation (www.Hartcomm.org)
- LD301DTM version 2.02
- LD291DTM version 2.01
- FY301DTM version 2.03
- TT301DTM version 2.02
- DT301DTM version 2.01
- TP301DTM version 2.01
- LD400DTM version 1.01
- FY400DTM version 1.03

For download DD, DTM and GSD files of SMAR products, click here.



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