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HART Modem


The Smar HART HT3012 is a digital component that incorporates within it a HART Modem, LCD Driver and D/A Converter as well as a FPU Unit.

Traditionally, HART devices have incorporated these electronic components within their hardware designs as separate parts, in addition to a CPU and memory, which are needed to complete the device development project. The Smar HART HT3012 is a new approach that offers many benefits by integrating these separate components into a single chip. These benefits include lower cost of ownership, lower manufacturing costs, better performance, simpler design and a quicker time to market.

The integrated 15 bit D/A Converter and FPU increases the performance without the need for expensive components.

  • Integrates the HT2012 HART Modem core;
  • Incorporates a LCD driver for up to a 160-segment display;
  • Includes a 15 bit D/A Converter with a resolution of approximately .5µA per bit;
  • Adds a FPU, which significantly increases the processing performance;
  • Allows for the LCD to be oriented in multiple positions with the use of automatic orientation detection and segment reorganization;
  • Engineering support services for development of software source code and PCB designs;
  • Simplifies design, shorten development schedule, saves on parts and lowers cost of ownership and manufacturing costs.



Library Lists:

- DD HART (275/375 Programming) - For more details about DDs in 275/375 Programming, contact Hart Foundation (www.Hartcomm.org)
- LD301DTM version 2.02
- LD291DTM version 2.01
- FY301DTM version 2.03
- TT301DTM version 2.02
- DT301DTM version 2.01
- TP301DTM version 2.01
- LD400DTM version 1.01
- FY400DTM version 1.03

For download DD, DTM and GSD files of SMAR products, click here.



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