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PBI-PLUS USB Interface for Profibus PA


PBI-PLUS is a powerful USB/ Profibus-PA interface, simple to use and easy to configure Profibus-PA devices.

Intuitive in use, friendly, PBI-PLUS is an ideal tool to access information on PROFIBUS PA segments via FDT / DTM with any tool based on FDT / DTM technologies and in case of Smar, it can be used with AssetView and via ProfibusView tools.

It can be a class 2 Profibus master on the network and  when in standalone mode becomes a powerful tool for configuration and maintenance, allowing powering of one Profibus-PA device without the need for external power supply and DP/PA coupler. Another advantage is its ease of use and communication speed compared to other PROFIBUS tools.




Library Lists:

- DD Profibus
- GSD Files Support
- DTM Profibus
- LD303DTM version 2.023
- FY303DTM version 2.03
- TT303DTM version 2.03
- IF303DTM version 2.03
- DT303DTM version 2.04
- FI303DTM version 2.02
- FP303DTM version 2.01
- TP303DTM version 2.01
- TT423DTM version 2.00
- LD293DTM version 1.01
- DF73DTM version 1.01

For download DD, DTM and GSD files of SMAR products, click here.



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