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RP312-S Fieldbus Active Repeater


In a network segment cable lengths increase control signals deterioration, and they may become unreadable by devices on the fieldbus network. Signal repeaters can be used to avoid deterioration over long network segments.

The RP312-S takes an incoming signal from one network segment, "cleans" it for errors, and re-transmits the signal at full strength to another network segment, maintaining signal quality and message integrity throughout all network segments. The RP312-S performs this function in a bi-directional way to support fieldbus networks. It is fully compliant with the IEC 61158-2/ ISAS50.02 physical layer definition and specifications for FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS.

An H1 bus topology fieldbus network with DC power can support a network segment cable length of up to 1900 meters. Up to 4 repeaters may be used in series, providing for the total cable length of any particular network trunk or spur to be increased up to 5 times the cable length of one segment. This allows for a fieldbus device to be located up to 9.5 Km (5.9 miles) away from a control room.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Power supply input: 24 Vdc ±5%;
  • 1500 Vac isolation between networks;
  • Very low DC leakage current at repeater inputs;
  • Each repeater can extend the Fieldbus network length up to 1900 meters;
  • Provides up to 125 mA at 18 V to the fieldbus network for field devices;
  • Includes terminators on output (H1 network);
  • 8 bit preamble can use 4 repeaters in series;
  • 16 bit preamble can use 8 repeaters in series ;
  • Accommodates conductors up to 2.5mm2 (12 AWG);
  • Fast snap-on assembly on DIN rail;
  • Complies with IEC 61158-2, 31.25 Kbits/s standards for FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS.




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