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Foundation Fieldbus System Configuration

The SYSCON is a powerful and user friendly software tool to configure, maintain and operate a FIELDBUS based system through a PC. The WINDOWS™ graphic user interface is so easy to use that no previousknowledge of computers is required. The computer can communicate with a FIELDBUS network via a PCI or any other suitable interface. The software includes the functions:


With this function it is possible to communicate with all devices in the network, assign tags, configure the control strategy, adjust parameters and download a configuration.


This function communicates with all field instruments, and accesses information about instrument manufacturer, materials of construction, ranges, etc. It also allows for transducer calibration and controller tuning. The on-line diagnostic report is a very powerful tool for plant reliability. Complete maintenance reports are issued according to the user's configuration. Alarm and events reports are issued on line.


The user can have indication of variables, historical trends, alarm logs, etc. They can also change parameters and settings or send commands. It is the ideal tool for plant commissioning!




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