Products by Name


A - E

ACP300 Series Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
ACP301 Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
ACP303 PROFIBUS PA Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
AD/AR/AL Electric Actuators
AM01P Auto/Manual Transfer Station
AssetView Online Plant Asset Management System
AT303 PROFIBUS-DP Active Terminator
AuditFlow Flow Measurement System
AuditTank Tank Measurement System
BFY-CL Coupling Device
BT302 Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus PA Bus Terminator
CD600 Digital Controller Multi-Loop
CD600Plus Digital Controller Multi-Loop
CIV200P Current/Voltage Converter
CONF401 HART Network Configuration Software
CONF600 Plus CD600Plus Configuration Tools
CONF700 LC700 Configuration Tool
CRG300 Cable Route Guide
DC302 Foundation Fieldbus Remote I/O
DC303 DC303 Profibus-PA Remote I/O
Demokit - HART Multi-Loop Controller Mounted in Case
Demokit - Profibus PA Pedestal Mounted
DF100 HSE/WirelessHART™ Controller
DF50 Power Supply for Backplane 90 / 264 Vac
DF51 FOUNDATION™ controller with 1 Ethernet 10 Mbps port and 4 FOUNDATION™ H1 channels
DF52/60 H1 Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus PA Power Supply (Uin = 90-264 Vac / 20-30 Vdc)
DF53/DF98 Power Supply Impedance for Fieldbus
DF56 Power Supply for Backplane 20 / 30 Vdc
DF58 RS-232 / RS-485 Interface
DF62 Controller with FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ Linking Device function
DF63 Controller with FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ Linking Device function
DF65 Logic Coprocessor
DF75 High Speed Ethernet Controller
DF79 HSE/DeviceNet Controller
DF81 HSE/AS-i Controller
DF87 Power Supply for Backplane - 5 A, Redundant, with diagnostic
DF89 Modbus/HSE Controller
DF95 HSE/PROFIBUS 1DP and 2PA controller
DF97 HSE/PROFIBUS 1DP and 4PA controller
DFI302 Foundation Fieldbus™ Universal Bridge
DT300Series Density Transmitters
DT301 4 to 20 mA + Hart Density Transmitter
DT302 Foundation Fieldbus Density Transmitter
DT303 Profibus PA Density Transmitter
DT400 WirelessHART™ Density Transmitter
EDT300 Alcoholic Degree Measurement System
ENET-710 Ethernet Module

F - I

FB Blocks Foundation Fieldbus Function Blocks
FB Board Foundation Fieldbus Interface Board
FB Device Development Kit Device Development Kit
FB Shell Foundation Fiedbus Function Block
FB Stack Foundation Fieldbus Communication Stack
FB Start Kit Foundation Fieldbus
FB2050 FB2050 Foundation Fieldbus Communication Controller
FB3050 FB3050 Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus PA Communication Controller
FB4050 FB4050 Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus PA Communication Controller
FB700 Module Fieldbus FB700
FBTools Tool for Firmware Upgrade
FBView Fieldbus Network Analyzer
FDI302 Interface for FOUNDATION Fieldbus & PROFIBUS PA field devices
FI302 Triple Channel FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus to Current Converter
FI303 Triple Channel PROFIBUS to Current Converter
FP300 Series Signal Pneumatic Converter
FP302 Foundation Fieldbus to Pneumatic Signal Converter
FP303 Profibus PA to Pneumatic Signal Converter
FR302 Fieldbus Relay
FRI302 FRI302 Fieldbus Relay and Dry Contact Input
FRI303 FRI303 Profibus-PA Remote I/O
FY300Series Intelligent Valve Positioner
FY301 Smart Valve Positioner
FY302 Foundation Fieldbus Valve Positioner
FY303 Posicionador de Válvulas Profibus PA
FY400Series HART® & 4 a 20 mA Intelligent Valve Positioner for Accurate Final Control Element Positioning
FYCAL Calibration Device for Smar Pressure Transducer
HCC301 Hart to Current Converter
HI302 Hart / Foundation Fieldbus Interface
HSC303 High Speed Coupler PROFIBUS DP/PA
ICS 2.0 ICS 2.0 Serial Converter Interface
ID Shell ID Shell Interface Device Shell for Host System
IF302 IF302 Triple Channel Current to FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus Converter
IF303 IF303 Triple Channel Current to PROFIBUS Converter
Interfaces Panel Interfaces
IR290 4 to 20mA Remote Indicator
IR303 8-variable Profibus PA Remote Indicator
IS400P Power Distributor and Isolator
ISD600P Digital Output Isolator for CD600/CD600Plus

J - M

JB400 Intelligent Junction Box for FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS-PA
JM1 Junction Box for Foundation Fieldbus Fieldbus & Profibus PA
JM400 Junction Box for Fieldbus (Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus), HART and conventional instrumentation (4-20mA)
LC700 Programmable Controller
LD1.0 Capacitive Economical Pressure Transmitter
LD290 Pressure Transmitter 4-20 mA Microprocessor Based
LD290 Series Gage Pressure Transmitters
LD291 HART Pressure Transmitter
LD292 Foundation Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter
LD293 PROFIBUS Pressure Transmitter
LD29xI LD29xI - Insertion Level Transmitter
LD300Series Pressure Transmitter for Pressure, Level and Flow Applications
LD301 HART Pressure Transmitter
LD302 Foundation Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter Series
LD303 PROFIBUS Pressure Transmitter Series
LD400 HART Pressure Transmitters
LD400G WH WirelessHART™ inline pressure transmitter for manometric measurement
LD400I WH WirelessHART™ level transmitter with extended probe
LD400WH WirelessHART™ Pressure, Level and Flow Transmitters
LogicView Ladder logic configurator, IEC 61131-3 standard, for the DFI302 controllers line

N - Z

OPT700 Serial to Fiber Optics Converter OPT700
PBI-PLUS PBI-PLUS USB Interface for Profibus PA
PCI302 Process Control Interface
PD3 Didactic Pilot Plant HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS
ProcessView Process Visualization and Operation Software
PS302P Power Supply
PSI301P Power Supply Impedance for HART
QDA5/10 Power Supply Switch Box
RHP303 Profibus DP / Modbus RTU Hub Repeater
RP303 Profibus DP / Modbus RTU Repeater
RP400WH WirelessHART™ Repeater
RPR303 PROFIBUS-DP Reflection Protector and Signal Regenerator
SD1 Magnetic Tool
SI700 Interface RS232/RS485
SimulationView Strategy Simulator
SMCT302 Telemetry Measurement and Control System
SR301 Remote Seals
SUP303 PROFIBUS-DP Transient Suppressor and Anti-Surge
SYSCON Foundation Fieldbus System Configuration
Tag List Tag List Generator
Tag View 3.1 A Fieldbus OPC Client Application
TP290 Position Transmitter 4 to 20 mA
TP300 Series Smart Transmitter for Position Measurement
TP301 Smart Position Transmitter 4 to 20 mA + HART
TP302 Foundation Fieldbus Position Transmitter
TP303 Profibus PA Position Transmitter
TP400WH WirelessHART™ Position Transmitter
TT1.0s Economical Temperature Transmitter
TT300Series Temperature Transmitter
TT301 Smart Temperature Transmitter 4 to 20 mA + HART
TT302 Foundation Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter
TT303 Profibus PA Temperature Transmitter
TT383 Eight Input Temperature Transmitter with Profibus PA
TT400SIS Smart Temperature Transmitter for use in Safety Instrumented Systems
TT400W WirelessHART™ Temperature Transmitter
TT481WH 4 or 8 channels temperature transmitter with WirelessHART®
WSP300 Intelligent Segment Protector for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS-PA