HART + 4-20mA Pressure Transmiters Training

Conventional pressure transmitters use, as its measuring principle, the well-known field proven technique of capacitance sensing enhanced by microprocessor based.
The HART + 4-20mA pressure transmitter training course covers general product presentation and practices over pressure, level and flow measurement in process control applications.
The attendee will be able to
  • Configure all functions available on the device´s programming tree
  • Select the right model for various applications
  • Order the Smar pressure products including special services
  • Understand the different ways of installation for pressure transmitters
  • Understand how the PID controller works
  • Apply the magnetic screwdriver SD1, PALM and CONF401 software configuration tools
  • Pressure, level and flow measurement using Smar products
  • LD290/291/301 pressure transmitters functional description
  • Device installation, operation and programming tree application
  • HART + 4-20mA communication
  • Transmitter and controller mode
  • PSI301, HPC3011, HPC401 and HI321 interfaces
  • Product calibration procedures
  • Smar product lines 300 and 400
  • Local adjustment using the magnetic screwdriver SD1, PALM and CONF401 software
  • Device troubleshooting using PALM and CONF401 software
  • Remote seal applications
  • Pressure transmitters for Safety Intrumented Systems applications (SIS)
  • FDT/DTM for Smar pressure transmitters
  • Product ordering code including special services
Knowledge of industrial automation and computers (Windows environment)

 Program length
8 hours (1 working day)