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Transmissor de Posição Inteligente 4 a 20 mA + HART

Smart Position Transmitter 4 to 20 mA + HART

The TP301 is part of the HART family of Smar's devices. It is a smart transmitter for position measurement. It can measure displacement or movement of rotary or linear type. The digital technology and communication provides an easy interface between the field and control room and several interesting features that considerably reduce the installation, operation and maintenance cost.


Some Characteristics:

Two-wire, 4-20 mA with superimposed digital communication. (Bell 202 - HART Protocol)
Output Action
Direct or Reverse
Linearity, hysteresis and repeatability
Using local adjustment magnetic tool or through digital communication using HART protocol
Actual Position Sensing
Magnet (Non-contact) via Hall effect
Optional LCD indicator
Injected low copper aluminum with polyester painting or 316 stainless steel housing
Process Temperature Limits
Ambient: -40 to 85 ºC (-40 to 185 ºF)
Process: -40 to100 ºC (-40 to 212 ºF)
Ambient Humidity Limits
0 to100 % RH
Hazardous Area Certification
Explosion proof, weather proof and intrinsically safe
Nominal: 0.80 kg;
Digital display adds: 0.13 kg;
Mountif bracket adds: 0.6 kg.

Library Lists:

- DD HART (275/375 Programming) - For more details about DDs in 275/375 Programming, contact Hart Foundation (www.Hartcomm.org)
- LD301DTM version 2.01
- LD291DTM version 2.00
- FY301DTM version 2.02
- TT301DTM version 2.01
- DT301DTM version 2.00
- TP301DTM version 2.00
- LD400DTM version 1.00
- FY400DTM version 1.02

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