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FFTP01 | System302 / FF - Training Program
Date: 15 to 1/Nov (english)
Program Lenght: 120h

CP07 | LD301/TT301/FY301/DT301 - 4-20mA / HART
Date: 20 to 23 (spanish)
Program Lenght: 8h

FFP08 | System302 / FF Maintenance
Date: 26 to 30 (spanish)
Program Lenght: 40h


CP07 | LD301/TT301/FY301/DT301 - 4-20mA / HART
Date: 20 to 23 (spanish)
Program Lenght: 8h

FFP08 | System302 / FF Maintenance
Date: 26 to 30 (spanish)
Program Lenght: 40h


FFP03 | System302 / FF Basic
Date: 03 to 07 (spanish)
Program Lenght: 40h

FFP13 | FF Project Implementation
Date: 10 to 12 (spanish)
Program Lenght: 40h

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October, 2007 # 82


DevCon 2007 Illustrates OPC UA Progress
Smar attends annual DevCon 2007 assembly in Scottsdale, Arizona. DevCon was established to promote OPC and provides a unified venue for architecture developers and users. OPC is a newly-designed standard proposed as the best choice for communication between controllers and supervisory systems. The 3rd DevCon session was held from June 25 through 28 in Scottsdale, Arizona. For the second year in a row, Smar was represented by Engineer of Development Ronaldo Tomazeli Duarte as a key-note speaker. Read more »

Smar Mexico 2007 Conference of Representatives
On May 24 and 25 the annual conference of Smar México representatives took place at the port of Mazatlán, México. The event was attended by the respective directors of the following companies: Aarón Sarabia Rodriguez (A.J. INTEGRACIÓN S.A.), Guadalupe Altamirano (CONTROFLUX S.A. DE C.V.), Jorge Diaz Méndez (J.DIAZ Y CIA. S.A.) and Juan Manuel Montiel (SICA S.A.) The meeting was coordinated by Fernando Luquetti, Smar International Business Manager and Oscar Matus, Director of Smar México S.A. Read more »

Smar Participates in Major Technical Show in Serbia
The International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements is one the world’s largest technology exhibitions and has been held since 1957. This year’s event took place in the capital city of Belgrade, Serbia from May 8–12. WIG d.o.o. has been the Smar representative in Serbia for the past 10 years and so marked their 10th anniversary at the event. Read more »
Israeli Desalinization Company Acquires Smar Pressure Gauge Transmitter
Smar announces the recent sale of pressure gauge and differential transmitter for pressure measurement in a reverse osmosis system to Israel’s Palmachin. The transmitter filters sea water while providing the correct pressure to prevent damage to equipment membranes. The Sea Water Reverse Osmosis process (SWRO) uses a special membrane to filtrate solid seawater particles by pressing seawater through to eliminate impurities. This project was sold and local support is provided by Mr. Adi Yarkoni Smar’s representative from Technomad. Read more »
Qatar Petroleum Receives 4-20mA/HART Training
The Smar Department of Training and International Applications Engineering hosted a training course for a group of instructors from Qatar Petroleum Training Center May 8 to 11 in Doha, capital of Qatar. This in-depth training included Operation, Installation, Configuration and Maintenance. Read more »
BD Sensors Sign Private Label Agreement for Smar Hart line
In a partnership with BD Sensors, Smar introduces its Hart pressure transmitters to Russia. The products will be sold under private label with the BD Sensors name. This business alliance provides for a discreet, but strategic opportunity to introduce HART technology into a new and promising market. BD Sensors have committed to acquisition of Smar’s pressure transmitters to meet specific volume sales. Read more »

Flow, level, pressure and temperature instrumentation are commonly applied in the process industries, and also are used in plants that convert biomass to fuel. However, in contrast to the typical process plant, density/concentration and pH measurements are used extensively in processing biomass, and purifying its products. These physical properties are key to increasing yield, reducing processing time, and reducing energy consumption, so operators can control biomass process facilities profitably. Read more »

Smar Installs Technology in One More Ethanol Facility
Smar has significantly expanded its distribution in the Indian market and has now finalized the automation of the Pioneer Distillery in Pathankot, northern India. System302 was supplied to Pioneer in 2006 with the plant startup and commissioning and in the beginning of 2007, the facility became fully automated. Read more »
Indian Power Plant Acquires Smar LC700
Panki Thermal Power Plant is located in Uttar Pradesh state of India. Panki recently acquired the LC700 logic controller manufactured by Smar to automate a high pressure steam boiler for electricity generation. The equipment has been implemented in a redundant installation in order to increase the reliability and consistency in plant operations. Read more »
Madhi Sugars Acquires LC700 Logic Controller Automation
Smar has implemented a new automation project in India to mark its expansion in this important Southeast Asia market. Madhi Sugars is one of the most traditional sugar factories in the country and is located in Gujarat State. The factory acquired the Smar LC700 universal hybrid controller for both simple and complex applications, and they have proved ruggedly dependable in the most aggressive industrial environments. Read more »
Shahu Sugar Impressed with Foundation Fieldbus Technology
Indian sugar mill Shahu Sugar continues to expand its automation system with the use of Foundation Technology. The process initially included three B&C sugar mass cookers at the Shree Chhatrapati Shahu SSK plant in Kagal, South India and has resulted in the company being presented with several international performance awards. At this time, they are focusing on the modernization of other areas in the facility with this innovative technology. Read more »
SMAR is celebrating over 30 years of technological development in Brazil, breaking geographical and cultural barriers while maintaining the highest international quality standards. SMAR today serves the world of automation and controls with an innovative presence in six continents. Read more »
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