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Upcoming Trainings:

TC-121 - Programmable Controller Training - LC700
Date: 8 to 12
Program Lenght: 40h

TC-206 - Foundation Fieldbus Project Implementation Training
Date: 1 to 5
Program Lenght: 40h


TC-206 - Foundation Fieldbus Project Implementation Training
Date: 2 to 6
Program Lenght: 40h

MARCH 2009

TC-107- HART + 4-20mA Products Training
Date: 24 to 23
Program Lenght: 32h

TC-227- SYSTEM302-7 & Foundation Fieldbus
Date: 9 to 13
Program Lenght: 40h

TC-228- SYSTEM302-7 & PROFIBUS General Overview
Date: 2 to 6
Program Lenght: 40h

APRIL 2009

TC-120 - Digital Controller Multi-Loop Training - CD600
Date: 22 to 24
Program Lenght: 24h

TC-200 - Foundation Fieldbus Technology Training
Date: 6 to 10
Program Lenght: 40h

TC-203 - SYSTEM302-7 Foundation Fieldbus Protocol Training
Date: 13 to 17
Program Lenght: 120h

TC-204 - SYSTEM302-7 Foundation Fieldbus Maintenance Training
Date: 20 to 24
Program Lenght: 40h

MAY 2009
TC-121 - Programmable Controller Training - LC700
Date: 18 to 22
Program Lenght: 40h
JUNE 2009

TC-207 - PROFIBUS Technology Training
Date: 8 to 12
Program Lenght: 40h

TC-209 - SYSTEM302-7 PROFIBUS Protocol Training
Date: 15 - 19
Program Lenght: 40h

TC-210 - SYSTEM302-7 PROFIBUS Maintenance Training
Date: 22 - 26
Program Lenght: 40h

TC-227 - SYSTEM302-7 & Foundation Fieldbus General Overview
Date: 1 - 5
Program Lenght: 40h

JULY 2009

TC-107 - HART + 4-20mA Products Training
Date: June/30 - July/3
Program Lenght: 32h

TC-206 - Foundation Fieldbus Project Implementation Training
Date: 6 - 10
Program Lenght: 40h

TC-228 - SYSTEM302-7 & PROFIBUS General Overview
Date: June/29 - July/3

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Providing Reliable Choices

November, 2008 # 85


SYSTEM302-7: Innovation, Results and Excellence
“The future cannot be predicted, but may be invented. This ability of inventing the future gives us hope to make us what we are”, said Dennis Gabor U.K. Nobel Prize physicist in 1971 for the invention and improvement of the holographic technology. Read more »

World’s Largest Biscuit Manufacturer Selects SMAR SYSTEM302 Control System
Parle Buscuits Ltd, the world’s largest glucose biscuit manufacturer, selects SMAR SYSTEM302 to provide complete plant automation .  Parle is world famous with their biscuit brand “Parle-G” and chose the SYSTEM302 with support from Indpro as their System Integrator and Main Automation Vendor (MAV) to provide complete automation of the 2500TCD sugar plant which is beginning set up at Beharaich, near Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh, India. Read more »
SMAR SYSTEM302-7 - Colombia Roadshow
In addition to the extensive exposure received locally in Brazil, SMAR is presenting the SYSTEM302-7 mobile exhibition to numerous other Latin-American regions. For the official debut in Colombia, the road show stopped over in Bogota, Neiva and Barranca Bermeja. The event was attended by engineers from the Colombian State Company Ecopetrol, among other participants from local engineering firms. Read more »
Clients from Central America Receive SYSTEM302-7 Training in Brazil
Specialists in automation from Central America companies, ECG (Ernesto Che Guevara), Tecnomática and Ceproniquel attended a course held at the SMAR Training Center, in Sertaozinho-SP, Brazil on the SYSTEM302-7, one of the most modern systems for distribution control available in the market today. Read more »
Cesar Cassiolato, from SMAR has been re-elected as President of the Brazil Latin America Regional PROFIBUS
Cesar Cassiolato, (picture) from SMAR has been re-elected as President of the Brazil Latin America Regional PROFIBUS Association. Cassiolato has been President for two years and from 2002 to 2006 was Vice-President. Between 2006 and 2008 he and fellow RPA directors Marco Aurélio Padovan from SENSE and Jomar Misseno from SIEMENS, (both re-elected until 2010) have increased the membership of the PROFIBUS Association by 40%. They also founded the first PROFIBUS Competence Center of Latin America. The RPA has the technical support of Leandro Torres and Marcus Vinicius Ribeiro, both Smar managers. Read more »
SMAR China Hosts Discussion on Valve Positioners and the Brand New Guided Wave Level Transmitter
The SMAR Beijing subsidiary team attended a training program on the new FY400 positioner in March. The program was presented by Product Manager Celso Nobre to Chinese technicians and engineers specialized in industrial automation. Read more »
AssetView, the first online, network-enabled plant asset management system designed according to the NAMUR NE91 standard and taking full advantage of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus' , HART, and Profibus powerful diagnostics. Read more »
The RD400 - Guided Wave Radar Transmitter project is in full swing and has gained remarkable success with new applications in a variety of industrial sectors. The benefits of the new TDR technology are increasingly more evident in the Brazilian market with its proven solutions in level measurement, which had been widely unsuccessful to date. Examples include sugar silos, processed minerals, vacuum distillation oil towers and silos with coke extracted from petroleum, in addition to acid tanks with probes covered with a special polymer. Read more »
SMAR International Introduces New Rep
SMAR International Corp. recently welcomed the latest additions to their representative team.  The new representatives include Industrial Equipment Company, Texas and subsidiary Currier & Roser, Inc., in Louisiana.  Industrial Equipment Company attended training of the transmitter product line and related application solutions. The course was held in September 2008 at the SMAR Training Center in Houston, Texas. The focus of the training was to illustrate to the participants the latest technical and marketing specifications for SMAR products. Read more »
SMAR International participates in the International FEW 2008 Fuel Ethanol
NASHVILLE, Tennessee - June’08. Every year in June (USA) and September (Brazil) the world’s leading ethanol technicians, scientists, suppliers and producers come together for the industry’s pinnacle events to educate, improve processes, network, buy, and sell. As world ethanol production surges forward important event like the FEW 2008 ( Fuel Ethanol Workshop) held in Nashville, TN - continues to provide the platform on which the industry is built, grows, and prospers. SMAR International is proud to be part and a leader in this industry, presenting innovation and solutions for biofuel plant’s worldwide. Read more »
Sugar and Ethanol producer Caete Distillery reports savings and increase productivity with Foundation Fieldbus - HSE technology by SMAR
Caeté-Matriz Distillery is among the world top 10 sugar and ethanol plant producer acquired by the internationally known Carlos Lyra’s Group located in Alagoas, Brazil. Initially, this sugar and ethanol plant was automated using the 4~20mA/HART communication protocol. Later on, as the plant production had increased and new communication protocols were defined, a new process area was designed using Foundation Fieldbus technology. Read more »
SMAR Attends Latin America´s Leading Oil Show
SMAR attended the 19th Latin American Petroleum Exhibition in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on July 17 – 19.  This show represents one of the region´s most notable industry events and offers tremendous exposure for technology exposure. Read more »
SMAR Field Instrumentation Presented in Bolivia
SMAR’s new local representative in Bolivia, Servicios Petroleros y Electrónicos (SPE), recently held an Instrumentation Seminar for regional engineers and technicians primarily involved in the Bolivian sugar and ethanol sector. The event took place July 16 and 17 and presented the LD300Series Pressure Transmitter line, the DT300Series Online Liquid Density and Concentration meter and the FY300Series intelligent valve positioner. Read more »
Impeco Peru Promotes SMAR
To increase the promotion of SMAR products throughout Latin-America, SMAR has relied on the support of its local representatives for increased exposure. In providing increasing benefits and productivity to end-users, SMAR has penetrated the region with its state-of-the-art technology. Read more »
SMAR Attends Netherlands SIS Event
On May 20, 2008, SMAR participated in the “Foundation SIF Technology Demonstration organized by the Fieldbus Foundation at the Shell facilities in Amsterdam. Read more »
Holland Hosts Instrumentation and Control Exhibition
On May 21 – 23, SMAR partnered with the Fieldbus Foundation at the Holland Instrumentation and Control Fair (HET). SMAR demonstrated the SYSTEM302-7 for automation and control and the AssetView asset management tool at the Fieldbus stand. The field device line, including pressure and temperature transmitters, converters and positioners was also on display. Read more »
SMAR Solutions Highlighted at Germany Exhibition
The Hannover Fair was yet another ideal opportunity for Smar to promote its innovative engineering solutions in automation. The company showcased the FDT (Field Device Tool) standard, as a support for the FDT-JIG Group.  The FDT-JIG Group’s mission is to increase the perception and utilization of the FDT/DTM technology in hybrid automation, process and control applications. Read more »
SMAR Initiates 8th Annual SMAR Asia-Pacific Representatives Meeting
SMAR Singapore Pte Ltd invited their representatives from the Asia Pacific Countries and Australia from April 9-11, for a biennial meeting to provide information on the latest products and sales strategies to expand the company’s targeted markets. The meeting was held at the Holiday Inn Atrium in Singapore and involved participation from their representatives located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, Australia, Viet Nam, Thailand and Brunei. Read more »
SMAR Attends Indian Pulp and Paper Exhibition
The Indian Pulp and Paper Association and the Indian Paper Makers Association promoted in the Paperex, a biannual sector event in New Delhi, India. This event encompassed attendees from 380 world industries from 26 countries. Read more »
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