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» Business
One more Brazilian plant operates with SMAR systems and instrumentation
With two power turbines (35 mW and 30 mW), the daily crushing capacity of 21 million sugar cane tons and the estimated daily production of 2,249 cu/m of ethanol, the COSAN Group facility, in Jataí, Goiás state, one of the most automated plants in the world started operating with SMAR technology. [Read more...]
SMAR is present at 70% of new Brazilian sugar - ethanol plants
In the last two year crops (2008/2009) there appeared 58 new sugar, ethanol and energy producing plants. From this total, 40 count on field instrumentation totally supplied by SMAR, such as flow meters, valve positioners, level, pressure and temperature transmitters, among other devices. Twelve of them already hired SMAR as sole provider for the complete automation of the project, including design, field instrumentation, configuration and startup, including the control system. [Read more...]
The biggest Ethanol plant in the world has been successfully commissioned using a SMAR PROFIBUS Automation System. [Read more...]

» SYSTEM302-7
Xi protocol launched at OPC Foundation event
The purpose of this article is to provide answers regarding the Xi protocol (also known as Express Interface), which was recently presented by a set of companies in an event in the USA attended by SMAR representatives. But before that, let me introduce to you OPC DCOM and the timeline of its evolution to clarify what is the Xi. [Read more...]

SYSTEM302-7 and PROFIBUS: Proven Success in Biofuel / Bioenergy Production
Brazil has made tremendous progress in consolidating the technical production of biofuel originated from sugar cane, particularly ethanol. Significant investment from joint local and international capital has driven the involvement of various industrial segments. The Brazilian ethanol market is expected to account for production exceeding some set of ten billion through 2012. [Read more...]

» Product
SMAR Innovates in Profibus
New technologies appear every now and then, but only a few provide innovation that often can offer a great variety of industrial solutions never imagined before. Always innovating and frequently surprising the automation marketing, SMAR recently launched both Profibus DP and PA protocols in a single controller. [Read more...]
DF63 and DF75 Controllers: features and differences
The DF63 and DF75 controllers belong to the DFI302 family - Platform of Process Control and Automation, and integrate SYSTEM302 process control system. A key element on field control distributed architecture, DFI302 present communication features that establish direct I/O access and advanced control to continuous and discrete applications. Its modular concept allows it to be installed in control room panels or field sealed boxes. It is highly expansible and the choice for small applications or large, complex plants. [Read more...]

» Certified Integrator Program

CIP expands SMAR worldwide technological support
In a move to expand the international SMAR technological support, the company created in 2007 the Certified Integrators Program (CIP). Its main objective is to foster sales for the SYSTEM302 Process Control System, by offering better local backing and a wider service network in multiple countries. [Read more...]

Asia-Pacific Representatives acquire System Integrator Certification
Wartsila Automation Services, Wifgasingo Dinamika Instrument Engineering and SMAR Singapore all representatives and its personnel for the Asia-Pacific areas participated in the CIP – Certified Integrators Program, promoted by SMAR System Task Force Group to develop certified integrators for the region. Attendees experienced a full version of SYSTEM302 hands-on/minds-on platform, simulating real-time plant demonstrations for future end-users. [Read more...]

Certified System Integrators for the Indian Sugar & Alcohol market Indpro receive SMAR SYSTEM302 DCS Certification
Pune, India; was the site to a Certified Integration Program (CIP) on the SYSTEM302-7. The training-to-certification session was presented to Indpro and its personnel; this certification enables Indpro as an active integrator of SMAR systems in India, to supply control and automation systems for complete Sugar & Alcohol plant projects and provide high quality technical assistance to clients in the region. [Read more...]

SMAR launches its Engineering Exchange Program in Saudi Arabia
SMAR Brazil in partnership with its representative Al-Abdulkarim Holding Company from Saudi Arabia launched its Engineering Exchange Program to promote cultural and methods of operation in order to improve related technologies through engineering, innovation, possible implementation, applications and employee training. This knowledge was gathered by observing the host’s field operations including actual hands-on involvement in those operations, and participating in the daily work activities in accordance with a detailed work program approved by the SMAR –PMDivision. The exchange on both sides also included various visits to local oil&gas facilities and chemical plants in order to obtain the latest knowledge on the host country's oil&gas innovations. [Read more...]

» Events
India annual seminar discusses the world sugar business
Technical and professionals from all over the world gathered in Pune, India, for the 67th Annual Convention of the Deccan Sugar technologist Association (DSTA) for an analysis of the sector business. [Read more...]

» Articles
SMAR: Synergy with the sustainable future. Brazilian technology for the Planet´s welfare
SMAR has always aimed at developing state-of-the-art technology to target the sustainable future, enable and ensure social and economic opportunities and reduce environmental impact. [Read more...]
Smart Systems, guaranteed results
The need for automation in the industry and its most varied segments is greatly associated, among other aspects, to the possibility of agilizing the information process, since the operations are increasingly more complex and variable. A great number of regulation controls and mechanisms are being required to allow faster decision making and hence improve the level of productivity and efficiency on the industrial process aiming at reaching operational excellence. [Read more...]
Asset Management: Turning precious bits and bytes into a profitable relationship and generating qualitative gains for the system as a whole
A fact in the industrial world is that through automation companies seek possibilities to become more competitive, among which are included process optimization and asset management. [Read more...]

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