SMAR engineers awarded International Profibus Certification

Cesar Cassiolato, SMAR Director and President of the Brazil Latin America Regional Profibus Association (RPA), Leandro Torres, SMAR Systems Manager and director of Profibus-PA Technology at the RPA and Marcelo Santana, SMAR Technical Support Manager were certified as Engineer Specialists in Profibus Installations, and Specialists in Profibus-DP and Profibus- PA technologies. The awards of Certified PROFIBUS Installer and Certified PROFIBUS Engineer were granted by Andy Verwer, engineer and auditor of the Manchester University Profibus Competence Center, one of the major world level specialists in Profibus Technology.

Leandro Torres and Cesar Cassiolato during the certication test

Marcelo Santana, during the certification test

Cassiolato, who is also one of the expert of the Brazil Latin America Profibus Competence Center and ProfibusTraining Center, commnets: Companies that work with Profibus technology in automation projects and installations should be contract services and consultancy only from companies with certified professionals, since this is the course for a successful work and enterprise. Smar has highly qualified professionals in its Engineering, Technical Assistance, Industrial Installation, Network Certification and Training teams to enable the best results at any stage of an automation project.

Accreditation of the Competence and Training Center at USP-São Carlos

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The Center of Competence in Profibus (CPP) is audited by Andy Verwer, one of the major specialists in Profibus Technology