Water Treatment Station with PROFIBUS PA (Brazil)


During May, SANEPAR, a company for sanitation and water treatment inaugurated the Ira�ater Treatment Station, a new water treatment station located in Curitiba city. This station provides 4000 l/s of treated water. Smar supplied a PROFIBUS PA process with field devices for a new water treatment station in Brazil.

In this Station the Flotation Technology was implemented by dissolved air for water treatment. Flotation is the inverse process to the one of the sedimentation, with the same objective of separation of flaking particles of water in treatment. Certain flakes (mainly when formed from waters with high concentration of seaweed or organic substances of natural origin, known as humic substances), can reveal sedimentation in low speed, making impracticable such procedure. To improve the floatation process income, micro bubbles of air are added to the flakes, increasing the push force on the same ones, facilitating its ascension and later remotion for scraping rake installed in the surface of the unit.

The PROFIBUS system is installed in the brute water elevatory station to control five sets of submersible pump-motors of 170 HP and also to control the flotation process and the treated water elevatory station with five set of 800 HP pump-motors as well as more three set of 350 HP pump-motors.


Interoperability proven with over 200 PA devices

More than 200 PA devices are integrated into S7 PLCs. There are pH, Conductivity, Chlorine, Fluorine and Turbidity Analysers; Ultrasonic, Differential and Hydrostatic Level, Pressure and Temperature Transmitter all from Endress+Hauser, and Flow Transmitters from Danfoss. A total of 54 PA positioners from smar (FY303) is responsible for valve controls. There are 186 Westlook valve actuators operating via AS-i network (P+F) and PROFIBUS DP Frequency Inverters e.g. from Danfoss (4-20mA), as well as Simocode Soft Starters. Some 4-20mA Chlorine, Fluorine Analysers from Prominent is in the control too. All Segment Couplers and Link devices to DP/PA are from Siemens. There is a PROFIBUS system installed between PLC communication. All smar Positioners(FY303) was configured using local adjustment where the user can configure the Display Block using magnet screw drivers.

For more information, please visit http://www.profibus.com.