Food & Beverages

The food market in Brazil has been the target of large investments and is one of the fastest growing. The sector employs more than 1,200,000 workers and there are 43,207 companies.

The revenue of the food and beverage industry has already exceeded R$190 billion, of which 84.5% is from the food industry alone. The rest is from the beverage industry.
The segment of sugars and derivatives is the one that grew the most, around 30.9%. Then comes chocolate, cocoa and candies with 13.3%.

Projections for the beverage sector are that in 2008 it will be the time to make heavy investments in increasing production capacity. In addition to manufacturing capacity, the interest of low-income consumers who are entering the market, especially in the Northeast region, as well as the class A consumer, which gives more and more breath to the premium categories.

In the soft drink segment, sales are expected to grow by more than 7%, according to the Brazilian Association of Soft Drinks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (Abir). The North and Northeast regions will continue to be the apple of the eye of the beverage sector due to the increase in disposable income. The brewery sector is expected to grow by more than 6% in 2008.

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