AssetView StandAlone: New SMAR Asset Management in the market


Available at first for special projects only, the AssetView Standalone has now been launched by SMAR for large use for managing Profibus and Hart field equipment based on FDT/DTM technology. This product monitors and diagnoses operational problems, executes automatic trigger solicitations, as well as generates condensed reports for industrial management in an easy and illustrative way.

Leandro Torres, SMAR Systems Manager, informs that the AssetView was launched in 2002 and right from the start was granted important awards, like FINEP (Studies and Projects Financier). “Since those days, the product has been marketed in its integrated version with the SYSTEM302, that supports the Foundation Fieldbus and HART technologies”.


This current independent version, the AssetView StandAlone, is part of an important SMAR strategy to meet the growing demand from the instrumentation area, which seeks better operational improvements and the increase in the lifecycle of their plants.

According to Torres, many clients do not use an automation asset managing system. “During the creative AssetView StandAlone process , we were decisively backed by important partners, to whom I send our thanks. Without their participation, the product wouldn´t have the market appeal that SMAR always gives to its solutions”.


All AssetView versions follow the worldwide global advancement and their content is frequently updated. “Normally this update is done on a yearly basis. Clients who acquire our continued updating plans benefit from the right of enhancing their applications with very little investments”, he adds.

In general terms, this new AssetView version will contribute significantly to the plant´s day to day improvement. “Our expectations are that, in the specific case of valves, these will not be removed from the process before there is another technical alternative. This factor reduces greatly maintenance and productions costs”, concludes Torres.


In this stage of introduction of the AssetView StandAlone, SMAR holds technological events for the sales, engineering and service teams, in addition to elaborating Application Notes and tutorials to facilitate the product specification. 


The AssetView StandAlone presents the following characteristics:


  • Support to various languages;
  • Remote calibration/configuration of equipment;
  • Manual or automatic maintenance schedule;
  • Proactive maintenance activities;
  • Equipment diagnostic and storage of information in data banks;
  • Comparison of diagnostic results;
  • Comparison between configurations.
  • Access history  record through user tracking;
  • Several levels of application access;
  • Equipment management via internet in any equipment, including smartphones;
  • Reports consolidated per area, TAG or equipment model;


And the main product advantages are:


  • More equipment productivity;
  • More maintenance efficiency;
  • Good plant availability;
  • Less equipment failures;
  • Few production shutdowns;
  • Less inventory costs;
  • Less non-planned process halts.