Business dinner

Last Tuesday, October 17, Nova Smar attended a dinner with the global CEO of the Open Group, Steve Nunn, and the institution's Vice President of Sustainability, Jim Hietala.

During the congress we attended in São Paulo, among the subjects discussed were ideas for strategies for the large-scale dissemination of the Open Process Automation Standard (O-PAS), which is gaining international traction.

The main one is the Road Show, prepared by Nova Smar, entitled: "O-PAS, the Standard of Standards and Industry 4.0", which will be 5 events around the world, reaching some cities in the United States, some countries in Europe, cities in Brazil and countries in South and Central America, among other places to be defined, covering all continents.

In the picture, from left to right, Jim Hietala (Vice President of Sustainability - The Open Group), Steve Nunn (Global CEO - The Open Group), Roberto Severo (Country Manager of The Open Group for Brazil), Paulo Gallo (CEO Servserth) and Luciano Botto (Product Intelligence Manager - Nova Smar), who is also the leader in Brazil and South America of OPAF - Open Process Automation Forum.

Things are progressing very well.