2003 Mid-year International Sales Meeting

The 2003 Mid-year International Sales Meeting, held August 14th – 16th, in Houston, Texas, gathered Subsidiary General Managers, Business Development Managers (BDM’s), and the Smar USA Sales Team. The event was chaired by Carlos Liboni (International Division Director), and coordinated by Bob Lacerda (International Sales Manager) with a total of 25 individuals participating. The International Divisions mid-year performance was assessed, while case studies, new products, and company trends were outlined. The overall purpose of the meeting focused on establishing strategies to foster sales and raise overall customer satisfaction.

Part of the schedule also included a tour of Smar’s Houston Facilities, giving visitors the opportunity to see an actual Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) currently underway for Duke Energy Company in the United States. Such opportunities are always useful providing managers first-hand knowledge of projects currently in progress. This of course can be shared with the subsidiary representative networks in the future. According to Bob Lacerda, "the results of this meeting were extremely positive, providing an excellent environment for personal relations to be strengthened, which is a must when global operations progressively involve more and more units of our company, around the world”.

A subsequent "brain-storming" session produced excellent synergy and many creative ideas within the group, which was enriched by the diversity and variety of cultures that were present. Such interactions are sure to improve our day-to-day business approach. The session resulted in several ideas that are now being reviewed for implementation.

Another meeting focal point involved a presentation by Marcelo Dultra (General Manager – Smar North America), regarding the theory and practice of “Strategic Selling”. This approach has proven an efficient tool for increasing sales in the North American Market. Smar’s next meeting is scheduled for early 2004 in Brazil.