Abu Dhabi Prospection

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference gathered over 40 thousand professionals from the oil producing countries representing 1500 technology manufacturing and service companies in petroleum exploration, production, processing, refining, storage and transportation Al Ghaith Oilfield - United Arab Emirates was the representative handling all presentations.

With SYSTEM302, industrial end users benefit from a forward-looking automation architecture that improves the return on their technology investments. Control distribution, system configuration, asset management, network management and system documentation are all available in one easy-to-use, integrated control system. Interoperable with all major network protocols, SYSTEM302 provides significant competitive advantages with an open and safe digital platform. Furthermore, it enables operational excellence through greater reliability, lower operating costs, increased uptime and improved regulatory compliance.

The marketing and technical aspects of SYSTEM302-7 were demonstrated by SMAR - associates Max Ludewig and Adriano Teixeira.

SMAR products and solutions is largely used by the Gulf Cooperation Council members: Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates For more information on how SYSTEM302 can improve your plants performance, please contact insidesales@smar.com.br or visit www.smar.com for your nearest Western Asia representative.