Brazil and India: Joint Technology Efforts in 2007

Mr. Khater comments the quality of Smar products during Brazil visit

India is one of the largest world producers of refined sugar and the industry has been targeted by Brazilian equipment manufacturers for more than a decade. Smar is one of the companies responsible for opening the doors by supplying equipment and industrial systems, particularly to local sugar plants and has gained the confidence of this vast country. Brazil and India, along with Russia and China, are members of BRIC, a group of countries that may lead the world economy in the next 30 years, and while sharing many mutual commercial interests, they have already scheduled business negotiations for 2007.

“Brazil and India are the world’s two largest sugar producers, and complement each other in the sugar/alcohol sector”, said Bharat Khater, Director of Indian company Chino-Laxsons, who recently visited Smar. “The joint work with Chino Laxsons and IndPro in India are of utmost importance in accelerating the supply of control systems for Indian sugar plants”, explained Max Ludewig, Smar Business Manager.

Chino-Laxsons has been one of Smar´s principal collaborators in India and, since 2002, has established itself as a major international Smar representative. Smar technology is very well accepted in India, and Smar has been especially well-received relative to the Foundation Fieldbus protocol”, ended Khater.