Brazil PICC accreditation

Andy Verwer accredits the first PROFIBUS International Competency Centre on Brazil.

During the recent PROFIBUS training visit to São Paulo, Brazil, Andy Verwer carried out an in-depth accreditation inspection of the PROFIBUS International Competency Centre in foundation at the FIPAI University (Fundação para o Incremento da Pesquisa e do Aperfeiçoamento Industrial) São Carlos, SP, Brazil.

The accreditation and inspection procedure is strictly defined by the PROFIBUS International Quality of Service agreement and includes a full audit of the available equipment, demonstration and development equipment as well as an in-depth technical examination of the knowledge of the Centre’s staff. Another external expert will need to evaluate the centre and then full PICC status is gained.

The PICC in foundation is also undergoing accreditation as a PROFIBUS International Training Centre, PITC, ready to deliver Certified PROFIBUS Installer and Engineer training.

César Cassiolato - Presidente da Associação Profibus Brasil América Latina and Dennis Brandão - FIPAI together with Andy Verwer in the PICC training centre
César Cassiolato (left) - President of Latin America PROFIBUS Association and Dennis Brandão (right) - FIPAI together with Andy Verwer in the accredited training centre

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