Brazil - PROFIBUS full Automation solution in Alvorada do Bebedouro Sugar and Alcohol (ABAA) Unit with SMAR SYSTEM302-7

Alvorada do Bebedouro Sugar and Alcohol Unit, located in the municipality of Guaranésia, Minas Gerais state in Brazil, started this year the production of VHP (Very High Polarization) sugar, a raw material for the food industry. With the goal of 106.250 tons of sugar exports up to 2009, it invested R$ 60 millions in the expansion of its Crushing, Steam Generation, Juice Treatment, Evaporation and Sugar Plant implementation.

SMAR Application Engineering, coordinated by the Application Engineer Leonardo Mansur Pinheiro, jointly with the ABAA unit technical team chose the PROFIBUS industrial network for the job. The main factors leading to this choice were the high degree of acceptability and trustability of this protocol in the market, due to its open, interoperable communication standard that works with several suppliers, besides its easy installation, and simple configuration and architecture. The automation system chosen was the SMAR SYSTEM302-7, which combines connectivity flexibility and the integration with specialist administration, quality and maintenance systems like the MES (Manufacture Execution System) and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Therefore, the administrative, production planning and industrial management sectors may access the information necessary to their needs and make possible to follow up, control and improve production and the support to the logistic chain, through more accurate decision making, and bring more efficiency and effectiveness to the implemented actions, while improving plant availability.

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