Brazilian Navy use SMAR guided wave radars

The Corveta Barroso, incorporated on August 2009 to Brazil´s Navy Arsenal in Rio de Janeiro, uses SMAR RD400 guided wave level transmitters. Ten radars were installed in diesel oil and sewage treatment tanks.

The AMRJ Navy Arsenal and the Navy’s Research Institute IpqM – were responsible for the Corveta Barroso project, a vessel with autonomy of 30 days and 8 thousand kilometers of action range.

According to Navy engineer José Ricardo, who supervised the whole project, the equipment added real time reliability in fuel tank measurement, guaranteeing the ship´s autonomy in the mission of defending the national coast.

SMAR Product Manager Marcus Vinicius Silva and Engineer Davi Somaggio monitored the installations on site during the latest months. According to Silva, for more than one decade SMAR, has kept close cooperation with the Brazilian Navy, providing reliable and robust solutions. "Now, with the radar system, our purpose is to extend this relationship, which now includes our differentiated customer service and stands out in the national market”, he concludes.


Radar configuration in a diesel oil tank


Navy Engineer José Vitor (left), SMAR engineer Davi Somaggio (center) and Navy Randolfo Ribeiro (right)


Engineer José Ricardo in the ship supervisory room


RD400 installed in a diesel oil tank