Certified System Integrators for the Indian Sugar & Alcohol market Indpro receive SMAR SYSTEM302 DCS Certification

SMAR Senior Engineer, Mr. Adriano Teixeira gives the CIP certification for Mr. Pratap Deshmukh (Indpro's owner)

Pune, India; was the site to a Certified Integration Program (CIP) on the SYSTEM302-7. The training-to-certification session was presented to Indpro and its personnel; this certification enables Indpro as an active integrator of SMAR systems in India, to supply control and automation systems for complete Sugar & Alcohol plant projects and provide high quality technical assistance to clients in the region.

Adriano Teixeira, SMAR Senior Engineer points that such certification to Indian professionals is fundamental to SMAR and its Representatives to reach out for new opportunities, provides best-in-class solutions to the variety of industries in South Asia.

In today’s demanding market, one of the ways to increase the company competitiveness is to improve operational efficiency. SMAR SYSTEM302 has features that optimize daily processes through real-time data analysis, allowing decisions to be made wisely, strategically and at all organizational levels, thereby ensuring operational excellence.  For the complete list of CERTIFIED SYSTEM302 Integrators, please visit www.smar.com/representatives or email insales@smar.com.br

Left to right: Apurva S. Donde, Chetan C. Aurange, Adriano Teixeira, Pratap Deshmukh, Rashmi  P. Deshmukh, Saurabh P. Karkare in the closing ceremony of training.