CIP expands SMAR worldwide technological support

In a move to expand the international SMAR technological support, the company created in 2007 the Certified Integrators Program (CIP). Its main objective is to foster sales for the SYSTEM302 Process Control System, by offering better local backing and a wider service network in multiple countries.

Currently, the program uses the structure of the CIP Task Force, one that coordinates, guides and defines the CIP role. The International Engineering Department and the Training Center also work actively in the preparation and execution of training, which represents the basic part of the program. The International Division Operational Sales Managers identify and select potential companies to work as control system integrators for the SMAR SYSTEM302 and program promoters.

Alexandre Peixoto, Systems Sales Engineer, explains that these integrators are fundamental publicity elements who provide local support during the pre and post phases of the SYSTEM302 sales program. “For successful results, with quality and adequate support, the participation of integrating companies is of great importance,” he adds.

SMAR currently counts on eleven integrators, namely: WIG d.o.o, in Serbia; Rahpooyan ANDisheh Dena (R&D Co.), in Irã; LAXSONS Automation (P) Ltda and IndPro Electronic Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., in India; SMAR Houston Corporation, in the USA; Wärtsilä Automation Services Singapore Pte. Ltd. and SMAR Singapore Pte. Ltd., in Singapore; Wifgasindo Dinamika Instrument Eng. Pt., in Indonesia; IMPECO AUTOMATIZACIÓN INDUSTRIAL SAC, in Peru; ELEINCA C.A., in Venezuela; and Integrated Control Solutions (LLC “ICS”), in Russia.