Coffee Plant (Brazil)


Cia. Iguaçu is one of the largest Brazilian exporters of soluble coffees and offers a complete line of coffees. The PROFIBUS technology was chosen to improve the production and the quality of the process in the evaporation and concentration areas. In the concentration process, part of the water is removed from the coffee extract, using three different systems to obtain a product that meets market requirements:

  • Multiple effects evaporator, descendant film;
  • Thermo-centrifuge concentrator;
  • Freeze concentrator (operating at temperatures below 0° C).

System Installation


smar supplied more than 130 PROFIBUS PA devices for the process automation solution in the new coffee plant in Brazil located in Cornelio Procopio, Parana state: Pressure, Level, Transmitters (LD303), Temperature (TT303) and Density Transmitters (DT303) as well as the Valve Positioners (FY303).

All field devices are integrated to other manufactures where system interoperability is verified. The system operates with Siemens PLC. The PROFIBUS PA segment configuration, where are located the Smar devices, was performed using Simatic PDM tool from Siemens.

The main point in PROFIBUS choice was the advantage to work with FY303 and PDM in generating signature valve, graphs and trend performance making easy the maintenance. Cesar Cassiolato from smar gave all necessary support to the project.

The new plant is operating since begging of 2005 and the results are excellent.

Conclusion of the end-user


"This is the first time that Iguacu implements the concept of an intelligent instrumentation. We thank to Smar to win this challenge and we count on Smar in the next steps." says the Cia Iguacu automation leader Osvaldo Vitorino.

"The field devices are very easy to use and the configuration using PDM makes simple tasks as commissioning, tests and calibration", says Joao Eduardo Carvalho, automation technician.

"Although we have started up a few months we can see the quality and performance of PROFIBUS PA devices", says Luis Sartori, Iguacu automation project leader.

For more information, please visit http://www.profibus.com.