Bringing best-in-class technology to Egypt, Africa & Middle East markets

ELECTRIX POWER is a leading Egypt, Africa & Middle East tradeshow, held yearly at the Cairo International Convention Center in Egypt. As the power-energy investments continue to focus on energy sustainability for the region, this event promoted the network of experts, industry leaders and distributors in the power-energy sectors, with over 12 thousand visitors from 39 countries.

SMAR’s Egyptian representative COMEX was part of the leading local companies presenting state-of-the-art automation, instrumentation and control solutions for this growing industry.

For over 15 years COMEX and SMAR have worked together providing competitive advantages instrumentation and control solutions in the region, always striving to make the best-in-class technological skills available for local professionals.

To learn more how SMAR can improve your process and profitability in Egypt and other Middle East regions email us: comexcom@link.net or call  +202 333 55 642, +202 333 79 208.

SMAR-Middle East Business Development Manager, Max Ludewig can be reached at: +55 16 3946-3510 or email: insales@smar.com.br