Deten Química S.A and SMAR keep successful partnership in Brazil


Since August last year, the Deten I plant, located in the petrochemical complex of Camaçari, Bahia state, operates with the updated version of the SMAR control system, SYSTEM302-7.

In partnership with SMAR since 1994, when it started running the first Foundation fieldbus system in the world, Deten S.A is one of the main producers of LAB (Linear Alkylbenzene) and LAS (Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate). LAS is produced from LAB sulfonation and is a substance globally used for the production of liquid and powder detergents.

In these fifteen years, several areas of Deten, as Deten I and Deten II plants and the sulfonation area, started using the SMAR automation system updated versions.  Today, both units account for 1.150 Foundation H1 field devices, among SMAR transmitters and equipments from other manufacturers; SMAR controllers, namely 50 pairs of DF63 and 13 pairs of DF75, responsible for the integration of continuous and discrete control, as well Foundation H1digital networks and I/O cards; multi-user architecture with eight operation stations, four OPC servers (OLE for Process Control), two engineering stations, one SQL server (Structured Query Language) and one  web server; besides the AssetView Asset Manager.

According to Alexandre Pessoa Santana, Deten Senior Instrumentation Engineer, many SYSTEM302-7 features contribute to the production process. "The diagnostics resources are very important, because they allow direct and quick failure solving, which optimizes manpower. Redundancy is one of the system main advantages, enabling the maintenance and implementation of modifications, the operation and reliability of the system", emphasizes Mr. Santana. "SMAR support was also fundamental for the success of the project, when we implemented a completely new architecture without production and startup problems. The service and problem solutions were provided very quickly", adds he.

Another differential mentioned by Santana is the easy configuration and integration of field devices from different manufacturers, which, according to Rodrigo Aznar Mendes, who coordinates the DF62, DF63 and DF75 controllers, consolidated the SYSTEM302-7 as a really open and standardized system. "SYSTEM302-7 represents the ideal solution for those who consider freedom of choice as a decisive factor for the acquisition of an automation system”, assures Mr. Mendes.

He attributes the success of the project to teamwork. "The constant support by specialists from all SMAR areas to support customer needs even in specific application details  is a differential factor always mentioned by our customers ", concludes he.