DevCon 2007 Illustrates OPC UA Progress

Ronaldo Tomazeli, Smar’s Engineer during his presentation at the DevCon2007 in Scottsdale, Arizona - USA

Smar attends annual DevCon 2007 assembly in Scottsdale, Arizona. DevCon was established to promote OPC and provides a unified venue for architecture developers and users. OPC is a newly-designed standard proposed as the best choice for communication between controllers and supervisory systems.

The 3rd DevCon session was held from June 25 through 28 in Scottsdale, Arizona. For the second year in a row, Smar was represented by Engineer of Development Ronaldo Tomazeli Duarte as a key-note speaker. The OPC Foundation has defined the acceptable industry standard and Smar has been a member of the Foundation since 1997. According to Product Manager Leandro Torres, Smar participates in group meetings to discuss technology trends to support its commitment with the OPC UA.

Smar is developing the first OPC UA Server prototype to enable field equipment information from EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language). “Smar sponsored the event, which allowed a showing of their complete product line and prevailing presence as a pioneer in the industry. We are committed to the development and research of innovative solutions for the System302”, comments Ronaldo.