Development of the SMAR Multipoint Temperature Transmitter reaches the final stage

TT383SMAR is near the finish line of the development of its Multi-point Temperature Transmitter in Profibus-PA , the TT383. The company is scheduling the launch of the product by the middle of this year.

To Product Manager Marcus Vinicius M. Silva, the new transmitter will be able to measure until eight points of temperature on a panel-mounted model. “Our R & D team has found the most practical solution to the market, bearing in mind that the Profibus protocol has grown exponentially in several segments”, he explains.

The main advantage in a multi-point temperature transmitter is save money. “You can economize around 30% by applying a multi-point transmitter like this. Moreover, the startup time is reduced and so are the man-hours. Our intention is to launch the transmitter by mid year, since some major companies are already asking for quotes”, ends Marcus.


Some features of the new TT383 are:

  • Eight inputs for temperature sensors;
  • Exactness of ± 0,03%;
  • The several options for sensors are kept;
  • Sensor connection with 2 or 3 wires;
  • Isolation of the input signal;
  • Supports DD/EDDL and FDT/DTM technologies;
  • As for field transmitters, has sensor backup;
  • Differential measuring;
  • Profibus PA digital protocol.