DT301 highlighted at TECSUP 2003 in Peru

TECSUP is a highly respected technical institute in Lima, Peru. It is their annual year-end event to host the International Symposium of Automation. This event is dedicated to technicians, engineers, managers and directors, with the objective to bring and divulge new technologies in the market. Those invited include individuals who present seminars from various international companies, and have the opportunity to promote their technology to the market in Peru.

During the 5th edition, October 28-31, Gabriel Godoy from Smar International Division presented a seminar titled "New Technologies for Density and Concentration Measurement". His presentation focused on the DT301 Series and included more than 300 people in attendance. Following the presentation there was an extended session for questions and answers.

In addition to the seminar series, the associated tradeshow provided the opportunity for several of the automation industries to display the products and technologies presented in their seminar presentations.

One of our representatives for Peru, TECPRO Ingenieros, showed Smar devices in their booth. Many devices were exhibited and displayed, but the booth highlight was the DT transmitter shown in a live application, measuring density in a water tank.

This was an exceptional opportunity to show the DT at TECSUP and it drew keen interest from several industries and markets. Not only was the DT product line successfully demonstrated, but the event also provided an ideal opportunity to once again prove Smar as a respected technology leader in the industry.