DT301 intelligent concentration and density transmitte

Smar DT301 intelligent concentration and density transmitter was installed for coal pulp density measurement at the Optimum Colliery Company, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. The DT301 is providing substantial savings and benefits to the coal mining company’s plant process.

The equipment was supplied in late 2005 by KAB Instruments (Smar’s South African Representative) and was installed and commissioned at Optimum’s cyclone plant. The DT301 integration with the client’s system was implemented by FASI Integrators. After installation, the DT301 was then compared with the radioactive density transmitter installed for the same process and its accuracy was additionally verified by laboratory analysis. After extensive testing and further lab analysis confirmation, the results obtained with the Smar transmitter were considerably more precise than those received from the radioactive equipment.

Mr. Jan Nortje, director of FASI Integrators, made the following comments regarding the Smar DT301: “This environmentally friendly density transmitter is the veritable future for coal wash plant density control”.

He stressed the following benefits resulting from the DT implementation: simple installation (approx. 4 hours); quick and easy operation; no calibration requirements; safe operation and maintenance; no nuclear isotopes; clean 3-digit readout display; and extremely robust IP 65 stainless steel 316 housing.

Optimum has since ordered three additional transmitters as a result of the accuracy achieved with the first DT301 installation. This new technology will result in savings of hundreds of thousands of rand in the future for this operation.

“Smar is extremely pleased to see the successful installations established with the DT301 in the Brazilian mining industry is now expanding into other countries with proven results and increased efficiency in plant operation. This clean technology for ore pulp density measurement is undoubtedly the best alternative for the replacement of radioactive equipment”, states Business Manager Evaristo Orellana Alves.