DT301 optimizes process in European brewery

Danish Brewery Group A/S is one of the most prominent beverage groups in Denmark and is using the DT301 density transmitter in the Faxe plant located 120 km southwest of Copenhagen.

Faxe beer is one of their most famous products and is exported to several countries of the world. The DT301 installation is in a syrup tank. The syrup is composed primarily of water and sugar and is used in most of their beverages. The measurement and control of the syrup allows the system to stabilize the concentration of Brix automatically with the DT301 rather than the manual method used in the past.

"It is incredible how easy it is to calibrate this instrument with the Smar Hand held programmer'', comments Willy Thomsen, Master Engineer in Fermentation from the Danish Brewery. According to Thomsen, the performance of the DT301 in the beer production was excellent, fully meeting their expectations. "Another characteristic of our DT301 that impressed the client is the use of the traditional concept of density measurement through the hydrostatic pressure, now improved with the use of modern electronic technologies, in addition to the quality design of the instrument itself", declares Gabriel Godoy, Product Sales Manager from Smar.

The DT301 was presented to the Danish Brewery Group and several other companies in the first DT Road Show last year. The Denmark show was promoted by SENTEK, one of Smar's local representatives.

Smar is experiencing an excellent return from clients in this region in response to the DT301, specifically with applications in the Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper and Chemistry industry segments.