Egypt's largest oil refinery amplifies control system using Smar SYSTEM302

Suez Oil Company (SUCO), the largest refinery in Egypt, is implementing Foundation Fielbus technology to expand its production. Currently, the refinery is producing 146,000 barrels/ day at the Ras Budran facility on the Sinai Peninsula. Since April, the amplified system has been operating with the Smar SYSTEM302 to control three sand filters on the saltwater injection plant. In this new implant phase, SYSTEM302 will be added to the control loops to added to the control loops to monitor pressure, temperature and the de-aeration level of the water injection plant. The facility previously used pneumatic controllers.

SUCO's management decided to invest in Foundation Fieldbus when they recognized that the maintenance cost for the aging pneumatic system was increasingly high and many components were now out of production. When a spare part was needed, it was necessary to have it custom produced for the control system. "In addition to reducing component costs, SYSTEM302 offered other advantages to the client," says Roberto Pinheiro, Smar Business Development Manager. "The operators now have a comprehensive, computerized system to monitor the plant operation, with animated graphics which are updated every second with real time information on the process".

According to Pinheiro, Smar's next step at SUCO will be to include the sand filters retrowash system and the start and control of the saltwater injection pumps. "The complete modernization project for the water injection plant will be in November of this year, when entire control will be transferred to SYSTEM302," he finalized.