Environmental protection with oil recycling program

Smar has implemented a soluble oil recycling system in its main mechanical manufacturing unit at the company's headquarters in Brazil. This system recycles the oil used for metal cutting during the milling process.

Once the oil is dispensed, the residues are separated andthe used oil is mixed with new oil to be reused. The remainder is then treated in a floating process that separates water from the heavy residue. The water is then treated and discharged clean, and the residue is incinerated.

To put the system in place, it was necessary to replace the previous oil with a viable alternative that would facilitate recycling without impeding the manufacturing process. Smar is now using a 100% biodegradable canola vegetable oil produced by Blaser Swisslube.

In addition to promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing, the oil recycling is bringing economic benefits to Smar. "During the first 30 days of use, the system experienced a 25% decrease in oil consumption on the machines in comparison to the previous month", says manufacturing unit manager, Wilson Luiz Cury. He also points out that environmental protection in the industry goes beyond waste treatment. The process begins with the selection of equipment and services. "When hiring services and purchasing material, we choose suppliers who support environmental concerns. It is also a decisive factor in equal condition bids," notes Cury.