Fieldbus Foundation Hosts Bahrain Technology Suppliers

SMAR attended Multaqa 2007, an international event organized by the Fieldbus Foundation in Bahrain, on last December. This event attracted the presence of many world leading suppliers of fieldbus technology in the Middle East.

Business Managers Max Ludewig and Alexandre Peixoto represented SMAR for the presentation of its fieldbus products line enhanced with the new version of the SYSTEM302-7 control system. During the show, details were presented on the HSE technology (High Speed Ethernet) applied in a project implemented in Serbia. The presentation was attended by suppliers and clients from the region, including Qatar Petroleum, ARAMCO, KNPC, amongst others.

Attendees present at Multaqa 2007 in Bahrain

According to Ludewig, the event´s primary focus was publicizing the SMAR process control solutions that employ the FF technology, and, in particular, the successful project for the SERBIAGAS company. “This application is one of the few in the world that combine so many features and benefits in a single system. It includes FF, HART, HSE, and Modbus, in addition to a complete integration of engineering, operation and diagnostic stations via assets management. This represents SMAR’s continued leadership in providing interoperable solutions based on open technologies like Foundation fieldbus”, he explains.