First Book about Fieldbus now Available in Electronic Version

An electronic version of the well-received book "Process fieldbuses - Engineering, Operation and Maintenance" is now available as softcopy for immediate download from the online bookstore on ISA's web page. The book covers the field-level process networks HART, FOUNDATION? H1 Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA and the host-level Ethernet versions FOUNDATION? HSE Fieldbus and PROFInet and is made available in its entirety and as the small individual chapters: Introduction, benefits, installation and commissioning, configuration, integration and migration, troubleshooting, operation, design and engineering, maintenance, availability and safety, and function. Each chapter has been re-indexed so it can be used independently.

The complete electronic book is priced just like the hardcopy and the individual chapters proportionally to size. The file is downloaded immediately upon purchase in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that also enables you to copy text and figures, and to print. A useful feature is the ability to search the text to find words or phrases of interest very fast. The Table of Contents and Index are hyper linked making navigation of the document very quick. Using the full Acrobat software it is possible to annotate the book electronically with "Post-It"-like notes, free form drawing and scribbling, and to highlight text etc.

This implementation-oriented book based on experience collected from end-users across a wide range of industries around the world provides a clear and concise presentation of how to apply fieldbuses for process control. It addresses "how-to" for all phases of the system lifecycle from engineering to device and strategy configuration, installation and commissioning, diagnostics and troubleshooting, operation, calibration and maintenance. The book covers the three leading process fieldbus technologies: HART, FOUNDATION? Fieldbus and PROFIBUS-PA. Both the field-level and the Ethernet-based host-level networking are covered. The operation chapter touches on software integration using OPC (OLE for Process Control). The text also addresses concerns and solutions for interoperability, integration and migration as well as availability and safety. A chapter on benefits helps engineers justify business advantages to the management. The final chapter is for "propeller heads" and covers how these fieldbus technologies work. The book exposes similarities, differences and capabilities of these bus technologies. This book is a must-have for system designers, instrument engineers and technicians. Even process engineers can benefit learning about the capabilities of fieldbus technologies. The book is ideal for courses and for self-study and will remain a handy reference when configuring and troubleshoot systems.

If you want to own the hardcopy the hardbound 468 page book is available as ISBN 1-55617-760-7 priced at US$ 95 (US$ 76 for ISA members). Individual chapters are also available as mini-books allowing you to e.g. buy just the chapter on installation and commissioning if that's all you need.

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