First DT - road show in Asia

The DT Road Show was implemented by Smar International Division to promote the Density Transmitter to Smar's Representatives and Subsdiaries while providing additional opportunities for product training. The Road Show incorporated visits, seminars and DT demonstrations at customer sites to illustrate the DT301 in live measurementapplications.

Gabriel Godoy, Vertical Market Manager for the DT Series, was instrumental in managing the first DT Road Show in Asia. Asia represents a very significant market for the DT and Smar presence is increasing steadily in the region. Five countries were included in this first Road Show: Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and China. In addition to the 30 different customers visited, 150 individuals, including engineers, technicians, buyers and managers, were provided the opportunity to get acquainted with the new technology for density and concentration measurements offered by Smar. One of the most impressed customers was Mrs. Manjit Reginald, Vice President of Pepsi Malaysia, upon seeing the DT measuring the brix in a vessel full of their famous beverage, and indicating exactly the same value as measured in their laboratory.

In the next DT Road Show Asia - 2004, even more countries will be covered to continue the promotion and education of our technology in this important region.