Foundation Fieldbus End User Council 2003

In September, Smar participated in the Foundation Fieldbus End User Council 2003 (FFEUC2003), held in Australia and New Zealand. Foundation Fieldbus End User Council is an organization set up by end users to provide education and information for the pro-active development of this emerging technology. This is where end users have a real role to play and Foundation Fieldbus achieves its full potential by their involvement. There are Foundation Fieldbus End User organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Latin America, North America and Western Canada.

In FFEUC2003 Smar was represented by Alexandre da Silva Peixoto, Applications Engineer from the International Division. From September 5-12, Peixoto led presentations in Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, Australia. The presentations described a complete project of a Crude Load Platform Control & Monitoring System based on Foundation Fieldbus.

The FFEUC2003 was an opportunity to put Smar in the loop, showing the customers that the company has been working with Foundation Fieldbus since the beginning and it is prepared to provide Foundation Fieldbus solutions with its products and field proven experience.

The main attendees of these events were end users of companies interested in this process automation technology. For more information about the Foundation Fieldbus End User Council visit: www.fieldbus.org/EndUserSupport/EUCHome

Application Engineer Exchange Program
Alexandre da Silva Peixoto will stay at the Krohne facility in Australia for six months. At Krohne´s request, Smar sent Peixoto to promote System302 throughout Australia and train Krohne employees on the system technology.

Peixoto is an electrical engineer, responsible for project design & implementation, commissioning & start-up, technical support and Foundation Fieldbus training courses to Smar representatives and customers worldwide.