FY Training Group offer training to SMAR Valve Positioner Users

A group of 40 SMAR specialists in the development of Smartt valve positioners met in the SMAR Training Center auditorium for a discussion on FY300 valve positioners. The seminar was conducted by engineer Luís Henrique Camargo, SMAR Technical Assistance Manager and covered the procedures recommended for the installation, practical configuration aspects and preventive maintenance of the devices.

The meeting gave origin to the FY Training Group, whose members will provide customers with in company training, on the practices recommended for FY. "The Group is eclectic, with professionals from different areas in SMAR , such as Technical Assistance, Mechanical and Electronic Development, National and International Application Engineering, Technical Literature, Training and Quality Control“, comments Celso Nobre, SMAR Positioners Manager.

According to Celso, the training will be addressed to users who have daily contact with the SMAR devices, such as field instrumentation professionals, mounting technicians and factory maintenance people, and provide process improvements and the reduction of maintenance costs. "The course will have practical connotation, with duration of four to eight hours, according to customer convenience, and free from payment, upon schedule with the SMAR sales team", concludes he.


Professionals related to the development of SMAR positioners meet to discuss the product SMAR professionals met for a FY positioners overview


The meeting covered themes related to positioners installation, configuration and maintenance.