FY301 provides major cost saving in Swedish pulp and paper facility

Billerud (Gruvön, Sweden) is one of the major plants in the country with an annual production of 545,000 tons of paper and 85,000 tons of pulp. Gruvön is also one of the global market leaders in packaging paper manufacture. These products, including containerboard and Kraft paper, are used all over the world to provide an assortment of food packaging. The majority of the paper is exported outside Sweden and 20% is exported outside Europe. Billerud produces first-class quality pulp and paper, with unique properties for special applications.

Until June 2002, Billerud was having problems with a rotary control valve, due to very heavy vibration and stress on it, and recurring weekly service was required to prevent any disturbance in production. Although many steps had been taken to resolve this problem, frequent service continued to be needed. The company then installed the Smar FY301 positioner with remote Hall-effect sensor on that valve, with the objective of cutting maintenance cost and improve production reliability.

The initial goal was to reduce service from once a week to once a month. The FY301 with remote Halleffect allowed even greater results. The first service was done six months after the FY301 had been installed. The expression "Plug and Play" applies to this installation, as there were no unforeseen stops due to positioner breakdown since the date of installation.

The application was very successful and the target to reduce maintenance was easily achieved.

The positioner in this application is mounted on a Somas valve. Somas is known for high quality and performance in pulp and paper applications and is one of the leading names in this market. Somas has more than 50 years of experience in the development and manufacture of valves. Production is located in Säffle, Sweden, and 50~60% of the total annual production is exported.

''The key to the success of the FY301 in Sweden was the ability to apply the unique features of the positioner. These features include: non-contact position sensing (Hall-effect sensor); a universal model (single & double acting); good for rotary and linear valves (magnet change); universal brackets or specially designed and customized for any valve type; remote Hall-effect sensor (up to 20 meters from positioner); and diagnostic capabilities (travel time, hysteresis etc)'' said Max Ludewig, Smar Business Development Manager for the Scandinavian market.

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