HI302 Acquires Fieldbus Foundation Registration

The Fieldbus Foundation has approved registration for the following HI302-I HART Interface / Foundation Fieldbus models:

  • HI302-I, 8 4-20mA + HART inputs
  • HI302-0, 8 4-20mA + HART outputs
  • HI302-N, 8 4-20mA + HART inputs

The HI302 underwent a ser ies of interoperability tests with the Foundation Fieldbus ITK (Interoperability Test Kit) version 4.61. All tests were performed at the Smar Electronic Development Division prior to submitting to the Fieldbus Foundation test laboratories in Austin, Texas. The extensive internal preparation paved the way for the technology to be successfully tested during the registration process.


According to the Fieldbus Foundation, interoperability was possible due to the fact that both hardware and software complied with the same technical standards. The test and registration ensures that all Foundation Fieldbus TM equipment bearing the official brand may be connected on the same H1 bus and that information exchange between hardware and software with Foundation fieldbus devices is simplified and does not require “an enormous integration effort”.

The interoperability tests also guarantee that the equipment complies with the Fieldbus Foundation registration standards (i.e., physical layer, H1 communication, function block configuration). In addition to the communication tests, the DD and CFF files are also tested and registered. With this registration, HI302 may be used in thirdparty systems with FF certification.

For more information, see the Fieldbus Foundation site: http://www.fieldbus.org