Holland Hosts Instrumentation and Control Exhibition

On May 21 – 23, SMAR partnered with the Fieldbus Foundation at the Holland Instrumentation and Control Fair (HET). SMAR demonstrated the SYSTEM302-7 for automation and control and the AssetView asset management tool at the Fieldbus stand. The field device line, including pressure and temperature transmitters, converters and positioners was also on display.

AssetView was the highlight of the show as it offers an innovative internet-based supervision and equipment management platform to provide considerable flexibility and facility advantages. “With SYSTEM302-7 and AssetView, we are able to transform bits and bytes into a lucrative relationship for our users. These products improve process performance and quality, in addition to the cost reduction affiliated with undesirable breakdowns or frequent maintenance demands”, says Cesar Cassiolato, SMAR Director in attendance.

César Cassiolato (Marketing Director) and Cláudio Borges (International Sales Manager) at SMAR booth during the HET, Instrumentation and Control Fair from Holland

According to Claudio Borges, International Sales Manager, the SYSTEM302-7 is a network-based, automation and control system that has brought considerable benefits to diverse industry segments. SMAR has gained continual growth and experienced excellent business opportunities in the Netherlands.

SMAR also demonstrated its ethanol industry expertise visually with its ethanol documentary display through a computer video loop.  “SMAR is a world leader in the automation and control of ethanol plants and during HET exhibition, we could illustrate to visitors worldwide the potential of bio-fuel plants”, added Peter Klestadt, SMAR Holland General Manager.