Israeli Desalinization Company Acquires Smar Pressure Gauge Transmitter

Palmachin – Israeli Desalinization Company

Smar announces the recent sale of pressure gauge and differential transmitter for pressure measurement in a reverse osmosis system to Israel’s Palmachin. The transmitter filters sea water while providing the correct pressure to prevent damage to equipment membranes. The Sea Water Reverse Osmosis process (SWRO) uses a special membrane to filtrate solid seawater particles by pressing seawater through to eliminate impurities. This project was sold and local support is provided by Mr. Adi Yarkoni Smar’s representative from Technomad.

Max Ludewig, Smar Business Manager explains that when reverse osmosis equipment is operating, the inlet and outlet pressures on the filtering chambers must be precisely measured to avoid damaging the expensive membranes. “The transmitter provides an exact pressure measurement, including flow calculation, which is stored in the transmitter and may be transferred to the control system”.

Smar has accumulated considerable experience in supplying automation solutions for Desalinization equipment and continues to access new business markets. In addition to Palmachin, clients also include Ashkelon and Ashdod in Israel, and Larnaca in Cyprus, among others in Middle East. Palmachin has a daily capacity for 160,000m2 through the operation of its two plants; Ashkelon daily production is 320,000 m2; Ashdod daily production is 137,000 m2; and Larnaca, 54,000m2 daily.